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Criminal Justice Degrees

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Criminal justice degrees have not always been around. This field of study was introduced in the 20s by a Berkley police chief.  Since than, this field of study has established itself as a valuable degree program. 

The career choices available for individuals with criminal justice degrees are varied.  One of the choices available is that of law enforcement.  One of the benefits of a criminal justice degree is that you can work virtually anywhere.  Law enforcement is also a very rewarding career as law enforcement agents are, in many respects, heroes.

Though a probation officer may not have as much glory as a law enforcement officer, this career is very noble as well.  Probation officers serve the public in a vital way.  Keeping tabs on individuals who have the potential to become criminals is important to everyone.  Not only can you make a difference to a potential victim, but you may find pleasure in guiding the offender to the right choices that can change his life.  Criminal justice degrees are important tools on you way to becoming a probation officer.

An investigator is another career made possible by criminal justice degrees.  Investigators may work for prosecutors, insurance agencies, and other private or public agencies that require their services.  Being an investigator can be a very exciting career.  This career can involve using the latest technologies and can be just as rewarding as the previous careers.

Criminal justice degrees can also be used as stepping stones.  To enter law school, you must first hold a degree.  The type of degree you hold does have an affect on entering law school.  Many people choose to obtain criminal justice degrees.  This is especially the case if they are planning to practice criminal law rather than other areas of law.  This can expose them to the basic practices of the criminal justice system.
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