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Computer Education

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Get computer training in various IT areas.

Deciding to pursue a career in computers is a great idea, but you need to receive the proper computer education to be competitive in the workforce. There are several avenues open as far as computer education and you should investigate them all to see which one is right for you.

Some people prefer to earn their computer education through studying and tinkering around with their computer and those of their friends. This is a perfectly acceptable way to learn computers if it works for you, but in order to be more competitive in the job market, you will need to have some job experience or at least have some sort of licensing from Microsoft such as MCSE. Obtaining computer based training and going on to earn certificates or degrees is one way of setting yourself ahead of your competition.

If you work in any IT field you know that software and hardware is updated daily. Staying ahead is necessary. Our computer training CDs will help you get the upper hand by expanding your knowledge in numerous applications.

There are learning centers, such as New Horizons, that specialize in computer education. They offer classroom training with qualified instructors, online live training (with a live instructor) and online self-paced computer based learning. The classes generally last a week or two and can prepare you for taking Microsoft and other industry certifications. The courses provide class requirements, course transcripts, and test results needed for certification. Students also get access to online training for six months if they take an instructor led course. Because the classes are not very long, many businesses send their employees to this type of training.

Many people check out the curriculum at their local community colleges. You can get an Associate’s Degree in computer many different fields such as computer engineering technology, communications, component programming, various computer systems (Unix, Windows), visual desktop applications, and web applications and development.

Finally, you can look into the computer education offered at a four-year college. Students starting college after high school can speak with their advisors about the courses needed to complete a computer degree. Many working adults also attend night and weekend classes to earn their Bachelor’s degree in computer science.

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