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College essays are often one of the first steps towards getting accepted into the school you want aside from the traditional application and SAT scores.  Many people get very nervous about their college essays and tend to over think the process, making their essay sound desperate or too overbearing.  Here are some tips for good, successful college essays.  First, you should jot down some things about yourself such as your most important attributes, skills, and personality traits.  Then, take these things and incorporate them into another more detailed list explaining how these traits have been exemplified.  Some other things that make up good college essays include the things you fear most, the things you desire most, or the most wonderful or even horrifying experience you’ve ever had.  Just make sure you write this portion with tact and a positive outlook, as most universities want bright people with a good attitude.

When writing college essays, remember to include a little bit of background on some of your biggest influences and mentors you may have had.  Write down why they were so influential on you, and how they affected your life.  You can also ask friends and family members for some insight into your own personality.  Sometimes another perspective can help to open your eyes about yourself and you’ll see things you may not have thought about before.  This fresh perspective can be very impressive to college admissions offices.  Of course, college essays are not complete without your goals in mind, so be sure you give a clear, concise view of your future goals, and a plan on how you will achieve them.  Don’t be afraid to look at some sample college essays for guidance.  Showing a college you’re a well rounded and determined individual is one of the best ways to make a real impression.

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