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College Entrance Essays

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If you’ve even thought about attending college, you know that college entrance essays are a huge part of the admissions process.  What you might not know is who reads these essays, what they are looking for, and how you can impress them.  In order to do this, you must realize that without college entrance essays, you are just another nameless number in a huge sea of applications.  The essay you write allows you a forum to stand out in a crowd, make yourself noticed, and prove that you will be a real asset to your dream college.  With that being said, most college entrance essays ask very broad and almost generic questions for a reason: they want YOU to come up with a unique and interesting answer instead of the usual boring old essays.  It’s imperative that you realize who actually sits down and reads the college entrance essays.  You may think it’s a group of old men sitting around a fireplace smoking cigars.  Actually, many colleges recruit their most recent graduates or alumni to read the essays.

Most college entrance essays want you to write about an experience or event in your life that has made a significant impact on you and has made you who you are today.  If this is your entrance essay topic, try not to mention something that everyone else would say like a trip to Europe for example.  Don’t be afraid to get even more personal than that and uncover something deeper in your past if you feel comfortable doing so.  Remember that the goal of college entrance essays is to get you to open yourself up to the college experience and prepare yourself for learning.  By expressing yourself in a creative fearless way, you show admissions officers a true desire and sincere passion for their university.

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