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Before it was possible to obtain a college degree online, many would-be college students either had to put their lives on hold to attend college, or to give up the idea of college as a distant dream. Nowadays, anyone with a computer and a modem can obtain a college degree online in almost any field. The internet has revolutionized the campus, and now, not only do student show up to the classroom, but there are many more who are listening to lectures broadcast on websites or published on disks, and chatting with other students on message boards and chat rooms. Many college degrees online will allow students to begin their studies at any time, even in the summer, and often allow some flexibility on when the course is completed.

Getting a college degree online is not “second rate” but the quality of the degree is every bit as high as attending classes on campus. With most diplomas, it is virtually impossible to tell which was earned online and which was acquired through traditional coursework. Since tests and exams cannot be proctored, many students are evaluated through papers and written tests rather than tests that need to be supervised, although some programs require students to come to campus once or twice a year for proctored exams.

Some students worry that financial aid will not be available if they get a college degree online, but many online colleges and universities offer some financial aid to distance students, or at least, low interest student loans. In any case, a college degree online is usually cheaper than a traditional degree, since expenses tend to be lower. Since it is possible to work and to work toward an online college degree at the same time, costs of learning can be dealt with more easily, and since distance students live at home, there is no costs of living in the dorm.

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