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College Application Essay

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Your child has made it through high school and is now ready to move on to bigger and better things like college.  They’ve even picked out the number one school that they want to go, and they must write a college application essay to supplement the traditional form type application.  This can be a very stressful time for your student, so there are some important things to remember as a parent.  First and foremost, ask your child if he or she would like some help writing their college application essay.  If they do, then you can schedule a time to sit down together and brainstorm some good ideas.  Write out some things on paper and think aloud.  This will not only help stimulate a great basis or subject for the essay but can also take some of the stress off of your child.   When they’ve come up with an idea, it’s important to let them branch off and write it on their own.  Don’t pressure them or bother them about deadlines until it’s gotten down to the wire.  Pressuring your child may only make matters worse.

When the college application essay is complete, and your child asks you to read it, try to edit it and proofread it in a professional manner without being judgmental.  The last thing they need is to worry about your personal opinion of it.  As long as the college application essay has no spelling mistakes and is written properly, the subject matter and tone is completely up to them.  Of course, feedback is a good thing and sometimes children need to hear an opinion from an outside source like a parent.  With a little guidance and cooperation, you can help your child write a great college application essay that should help them achieve their educational goals.

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