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College Admissions Essay

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If you’re gearing up to start applying for college, you know that the college admissions essay is a huge part of the process.  You are probably getting butterflies in your stomach just thinking about what you’re going to say.  Here are some tips to make your college admissions essay a success and catch their eye:

-Don’t be afraid to go against the grain and make your essay fun.  Say something silly, think about things outside the box, and then expand on them in your own, personal way.

-Try to list extracurricular activities, interests, and hobbies that you did NOT list on your application.  This usually gets attention since it adds a new dimension to your life and personality.

-Read each school’s college admissions essay guidelines carefully, and try to write one separately for each school.  You don’t want to submit a generic, cookie cutter style essay to every school, or else the school may get that feeling, too.

-Of course, it’s absolutely essential that your college admissions essay is spelled correctly, has proper sentence structure, and has correct grammar.  Proofread, edit, and then proofread it again.  Getting an outside opinion and an independent spell checker may be a good idea as well.  The last thing you want to do is submit an essay full of errors.

-While your essay should be engaging and fun to read, remember to try and keep it fairly short and to the point to avoid boring the readers or making them want to dismiss your essay right off the bat due to its length.

-Exude confidence in your college admissions essay.  Show the readers who you really are, and do not be afraid to let your true colors come through.  Using interesting language and funny quips, as long as they also exude intelligence, often goes a long way.

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