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Class Rings

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Upon graduating from high school, college, or some military training many students are offered class rings in addition to the many other sorts of memorabilia to be had. Yearbooks are great, but sometimes a graduate wants something a little more ostentatious to show people that they have achieved something great. It’s also nice to be able to spot a fellow graduate by checking out their jewelry!

Class rings come in a vast variety of styles and prices. Traditionally, ring makers will swoop down on graduating classes prior to the end of the school year, presenting them will dozens of options to personalize a ring that will be ready in time for graduation. The possibilities are nearly endless with the different designs and other personalization available to people purchasing class rings. While some opt to buy rings with stones colored to match the school colors, others prefer to go with birth stones or even just a color they fancy. Class rings will often have the student’s name or school name set in them, or perhaps the school mascot or logo in addition to the graduation year or an insignia representative of extracurricular activities. The type of metal for class rings is also up to the purchaser, as many manufacturers will offer yellow gold, white gold, or platinum, depending on how much the buyer is willing to spend.

Many graduates cherish their class rings for many years after their graduation, and in some cases the rings can become precious heirlooms which are passed down through the generations. Even if the ring isn’t worn after a while, it can still serve as a powerful reminder of days long past; class rings can be brought out of the jewelry box, dusted off, and reflected upon as the person recalls their time spent in school. Not many items can serve as such potent reminders of high school or college years, and this makes class rings a worthy investment.

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