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Christian Lessons

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If you are the one coming up with the adult Christian lessons for your Sunday School class it can be hard to find some inspiration after awhile. After all, you want to pick out lessons that will challenge the people in your class. So, if you are desperately in need for some ideas for the lessons for your class, here are a few ideas to consider using.

Topic #1 – Prayer – Prayer is always an important topic and it is a great idea for adult Christian lessons for your class. There are many great places in the Bible that talk about prayer, and whether you want to make this topic a one time lesson or a series of lessons, this is a topic that will be helpful and inspirational to your class.

Topic #2 – Fruits of the Spirit – Some Christian lessons on the Fruits of the Spirit may also be a great series of lessons to use for your adult class. Sure, probably most of the people in your class are familiar with the Fruits of the Spirit; however, it is always good to have a reminder from time to time.

Topic #3 – End Times and Revelation – One topic that is interesting to many adults is the topic of Revelation and the End Times. This will definitely make for some interesting adult Christian lessons for your class. However, this topic is definitely going to take a lot of study and preparation, so be prepared.

Topic #4 – Sermon on the Mount – The Sermon on the Mount is a great idea for Christian lessons for adults. There is so much great information in this portion of the Bible. From the beatitudes to thoughts on being the light of the world, you are sure to find several great lessons from this portion of scripture.

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