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If you are dealing with a preschool Sunday School class, one of the most important things you can teach them is how to communicate with God. Prayer is important and children should learn about it while they are at a young age and this may be a great topic to add to your Christian lesson plans. While prayer is actually a simple topic that is easy to communicate to children, the following are a few key things to remember in your Christian lesson plans for preschoolers on prayer.

Explain Prayer
First of all, you need to be sure that you explain prayer to the preschoolers you are teaching. Let them know that praying is a time when they can talk with God and work on building up a relationship with Him as well. Also, let them know how important prayer is to them and also make sure that they understand that God really hears them when they pray.

Teach them the Lord’s Prayer
When you are coming up with Christian lessons plans on prayer for preschoolers, one thing you may want to include is the Lord’s Prayer. What better way to teach them about prayer than to let them see how Jesus himself prayed. Also, work with them so they can learn the Lord’s Prayer themselves.

Incorporate Praying Together into Your Lesson
Also, in your Christian lesson plans for preschoolers on prayer, you should be sure to have some time when you can all pray together. If they want to pray out loud, then let them; however, don’t force them to pray out loud by themselves in class. Just a simple time when you all pray together is fine.

Use Crafts to Emphasize the Lesson
Crafts can be used in your Christian lessons plans to help emphasize the lesson to the preschoolers you are teaching. One great craft idea to consider is coloring and then cutting out a picture of praying hands so that they remember how important prayer is every single day.

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