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Children's Bible Lessons

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Being a children’s teacher, whether at a Christian school or in your church, can definitely be a challenge. You have to work at earning the trust of the kids you teach while also providing them with challenging Christian material in class that will reach their little hearts. When you are teaching your class, finding good children’s Bible lessons is going to be quite important. It’s not always easy to find fresh materials, so here are a few places where you can find quality children’s Bible lessons for your class.

Check in Local Bible Bookstores
One of the best places to check for children’s Bible lessons is in local Bible bookstores. More than likely there are a few Christian bookstores in your area and most of them have a section that is especially for children’s ministry. There you can find great Bible lessons, teaching tools, and even continued stories for your class as well. Some of these Bible bookstores will actually give you a discount as well if you are working for a church or a Christian school, so be sure to let them know. If they don’t have what you need, more than likely they can order it for you.

Online Resources
Another excellent place that you can easily find children’s Bible lessons is at various online resources. There are resources where you can purchase lessons and have them sent to you. You can also find many sources online that provide free Bible lessons for children. Usually you can just download the lessons or just print them right off from your computer. The internet is a great tool to use when it comes to finding some great lessons for your children.

Your Bible
Of course if you don’t have time to check out these other sources right now, one of the best places to go for children’s Bible lessons is right to your Bible. Check through your Bible and find some interesting Bible stories that you may want to explore in class. Simply write down the points you want to make and come up with some visuals for the story and you’ll be ready to go.

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