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Charter Schools

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Today’s generation is seeking new ways to meet today’s challenges in education. One of these new solutions is the creation of charter schools. Charter schools can be defined as alternatives to traditional public education. Charter schools are run as businesses. However, charter schools are judged based upon student performance. One of the advantages that many parents feel that charter schools provide, compared to traditional public schools is the fact that if a charter school fails to meet subsequent academic standards and goals, the school will ultimately be closed down.

Charter schools offer advantages because though they are funded with public money, they operate separately from the school district. Parents and educators involved with the charter school set the standards and devise the charter or plan for the school.

The first charter school began in the year 1988 and was founded by the President of the American federation off Teachers, Albert Shanker. The first charter school lawn was passed in Minnesota during the year 1991. Since that time, the charter school movement has advanced with increasing fervency and many school districts are witnessing the creation of many charter schools. These schools offer benefits for both the parents and the students. Since the schools are based on a first come/first serve policy and are schools of choice, they provide educational experiences that are attractive to the student. Many parents feel that because their voice is powerful in the creation of the school as well as the academic instruction, that they will see greater educational outcomes in their children. These schools are attractive alternatives to those who are dissatisfied with public education yet want to remain in the public sector and have a stronger voice in their children’s education. With charter schools, there are no vouchers, tuition, or fees that are applicable in the private school setting. Yet, many in the community feel that the educational experience is comparable to those of the private school sector.

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