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Careers in Travel and Tourism

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Careers in travel and tourism are some of the most fun and exciting careers available.  Many of these careers offer free or discounted travel to far off destinations.  These careers are great for individuals who like to experience new people, places, and activities. 

One of the careers in travel and tourism that doesn’t require travel, yet can still provide opportunities for travel, is a travel agent.  Travel agents provide their clients with vacation packages.  Working as a travel agent involves great administrative skills as well as customer service and sales. 

Many careers in travel and tourism can be found with various cruise lines.  Cruise lines hire a variety of different positions including entertainers, housekeepers, bartenders, chefs, waitresses, and other staff.  These positions, while requiring hard work and skill, offer a variety of rewards that include travel to tourist destinations.

Other careers in travel and tourism include working at various resorts.  These resorts may hire staff to work all year or they may hire staff seasonally.  These resorts are varied an include ski resorts, ranches, and other resorts.  Many of these resorts offer lodging and other activities free or at a discount.

Fancy restaurants, night clubs, and hotels in tourist hot spots and also offer a variety of careers in travel and tourism related fields.  Hotels hire housekeepers, waitresses, bell hops, front desk, valet and other staff.  Night clubs may hire bouncers, bartenders, and entertainers.  Restaurants may hire chefs, waitresses, hosts, and entertainers.

Other fun careers in travel and tourism include working at amusement parks, museums, and other fun tourist spots.  Work at these centers may include working in stores, restaurants, and ticket booths.  It can also hire entertainers, artists, game workers, ride runners, security, and other positions.  The positions may give workers access to the organization free of charge and other benefits.

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