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Careers in Radiology

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Careers in Radiology are expected to continue to rise.  In fact, most careers in the medical field are.  Many people are interested in these types of careers, yet many people don’t take their interests to the next level.  Researching the career is the next step necessary to achieve your goal of obtaining such a career.

Careers in radiology involve taking images of internal body parts.  These images are taken with the aid of x-rays and other special equipment.  A radiologist is responsible for not only taking the images, but for preparing their patients prior to taking the images.  This is done by preparing the body position and administering special dyes. However, you also have to prepare the patient mentally by explaining the process.

When researching a potential career it is a good idea to become familiar with the types of schedules and conditions that are required in a specific field.  Many of the careers in radiology take place in a hospital or other medical environment.  The hours can vary from a typical 9 to 5 career to schedule that is more shift work.  Some radiologists may even be on-call.

The education requirement is becoming can range from a 1 year certificate program to a 4 year degree. A 1 year certificate program is geared more towards individuals who are already in the medical field.  These individuals already have knowledge of the medical field but are without the technical skills for careers in radiology.  A more formal education is required by most hospitals for those individuals not already in the medical field.  Teachers and supervisors may require a Master’s degree in radiology.

Careers in radiology are respectable careers.  On average, radiologists make about $40,000 a year.  There is certainly job security in the medical field which is continuing to grow each year.  As with any major decision, it is a good idea to research, plan, and create goals to obtain your career in radiology.
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