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Boarding School

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A boarding school is a residential school. In other words, it is a school where children live during the school year. Students typically return home on holidays and for vacations, but the majority of their education is spent while residing at the boarding school.

The American boarding school is derived from the boarding schools that were instituted in England. In England, many boarding schools are public while in the United States, boarding schools are privately owned, run, and operated and require a tuition fee for admission.

There are many different boarding schools across the United States, and each school varies in their academics, curriculum, features, and architectural design. Most boarding schools will consist of teachers who also serve as residential housemasters. They are responsible for the care and day-to-day routines that the students participate in. Although when people first think of boarding schools, they may conjure up images of boys dressed in preppy uniform, preparing for their futures spent at ivy league colleges, there are many more themed boarding schools then the traditional college prep school.

Some boarding schools are designed for wayward or troubled juveniles. This type of boarding school is designed to teach children responsibility, reinforce their academic learning, and treat behavioral or emotional problems that are interfering with their performance in society. These schools have been very beneficial and have helped straighten out the lives of many children.

Another example of a specialized boarding school would be a school that is designed for educating children and young adults who have special needs. Whether it is physical, emotional, or mental challenges or disabilities, a residential school facility often teaches more than academics. These schools will also focus on the many skills that are required to live in a self-sufficient environment. They have also been very successful in helping those with special needs n gaining the skills necessary to live independently. Finally, boarding schools are a wonderful opportunity to teach not only important academic skills, but also other skills pertaining to living a successful life.

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