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Bible Lessons for Children

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There are many different resources that you can use to find great Bible lessons for children; however, you always want to be sure that you pick out lessons for your class that will be appropriate to the kids in it. If you cannot make the lessons relevant to them, they won’t be as valuable to these children you are teaching. As a teacher it is your responsibility to find time to make sure you are picking the best lessons for the children you are teaching. When you are picking out bible lessons for children, keep the following things in mind so you can make the best decision.

Age Group You Are Dealing With
First of all you need to consider the age group you are dealing with when picking out Bible lessons for children. Some lessons may be too advanced for younger children, and on the other hand, there are other lessons that may be a bit too juvenile if you are teaching older children. Try to find lessons that go great with the age group you are teaching.

Gender Specific Stories
If you are teaching a class that has all boys in it or all girls in it, you may want to consider using gender specific Bible lessons for children. For a group of all boys, lessons on Daniel, Joseph, Samuel, and King David are great choices. Lessons on Ruth, Queen Esther, Mary, and Miriam make great lessons for a class full of girls.

Church Background of the Children
The church background of the children should also be considered when picking out Bible lessons for children. If you are teaching kids who have been in church all their lives, then you can go with lessons that are a bit more advanced. However, if you are dealing with children who have no knowledge of the Bible at all, you will need to start out with some of the basics in your Bible lessons.

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