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Beauty Schools

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Beauty schools can cover many different areas including hairdressing, skin care, nail technology, electrology, makeup and beauty care, and massage therapy. If you are interested in getting into one of these careers, you will want to find the right beauty school for you.

Classes are very diverse in that some will be lecture, some will be demonstrations and some will even be guest speakers or videos. Beauty schools not only teach students the essential skills like how to cut hair or how to apply makeup. They also teach students important interpersonal skills like how to build a positive relationship with a client to ensure return business. They also learn how to market their services and products in order to help them manage their career properly. The programs at beauty schools can usually be completed in a year or a little less, depending on the program. The classes are usually small because of the individual instruction often required. There is theory as a part of the courses, but over half of the course is hands-on learning. This gives the students experience while a skilled instructor is nearby to review their work and help them learn. Styles in beauty is an ever changing thing, so instructors strive to keep up on the latest technology and trends as well as help the students have a solid foundation so they too can change with the trends. Like most schools, beauty schools offer financial aid to students that qualify. This may be in the form of loans (which you are required to pay back) or government grants.

To graduate from beauty school, you must not only complete all required program hours, but also pass a skills and written examination. Once you have graduated from school and received your beauty license, many beauty schools will assist you in finding work.

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