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Bartending School

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There are many people who dream of being a bartender. This goal may not be so far fetched for some. Getting a job as a bartender can be quite easy or difficult, it’s all about the effort you put into it. It also depends on the kind of establishment in which you would like to work. First, find out the type of place you would like to work then apply for the job. Some companies have their own bartending school or offer on the job training. On the job training is a definite plus. Not only are you learning an excellent skill, but you are getting paid for it.

If you are unable to find an establishment that offers on site training, find a bartending school that you would like to attend. You can easily find a bartending school by looking in the telephone book or from the internet. Call the school and ask about tuition costs, length of the class, and what the school guarantees in terms of skills learned. Some prefer to set up a meeting with the teacher to interview them and to get a copy of his or her credentials. The bartending school will give you a book to review and this will help you how to tend to a bar. If possible, contact former students and ask their opinions of the course.

Find out if the bartending school handles job placement once the course is completed. For best results, study bartending at a school that provides this service. Apply for jobs that highlight your skills. When interviewing at different establishments, be friendly during the interview. Employers look for friendly people because bartending is a customer service job. Remember too, in most states, you must be at least 21 years old in order to handle alcohol.

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