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Back to School Supplies

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It is about that time again. Not only are a new line up of shows about to come back on, but also the children are about to go back to school. It can be a stressing time for both parent and child. There is a constant running back and forth to the store to make sure all back to school supplies are bought and clothing needs are met. With so many things to pick out, how do you know which back to school supplies are needed and what isn’t needed? There are a couple of ways to help you as a parent figure out what supplies are a must.

First, check with your child’s school or course syllabus to see if particular back to school supplies are need for the classes they are taken. If the classes give specific supplies to buy, go by this list of things. This will give added assurance that what you are buying will be put to good use and is needed. If the classes do not offer a back to school supplies list, it is still a good idea to buy supplies for the classes. Remember, name brand items are not always a necessity. Off brand supplies will most likely work just as good as the name brand ones. For example, if you choose to buy a protractor for your child, a $.79 protractor will work just as well as a $10.00 one. Be cost efficient. Get good quality things. First and foremost, your child will need paper. No matter what grade level your child may be in, paper is always needed. It is a great idea to buy paper in bulk. This way when your child needs the paper, it will always be there. A nice sturdy book bag is always a necessity.

Buy all writing utensils. This would include pens, pencils, crayons or other writing materials needed. Often times you can buy these materials in large quantities and for decent prices. To avoid crowds at major stores, you may be able to pick up back to school supplies at supermarkets and even drug stores. This will make your trip quicker and less stressful. Look for discounts and bargains. Buying back to school supplies should not be too costly.

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