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Bachelors Degree

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The Bachelors degree is an academic degree awarded to students who complete a four-year course or major. In the United States, the most commonly awarded bachelors degree are the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelors of Science (BS). Many universities will award a bachelors degree in most every area of study. Some of the commonly earned bachelors degrees are in the following areas of study:

Computer Science
Fine Arts

There are of course many areas of studies in which one can major to earn their bachelors degree. The first two years of a bachelors degree are spent studying general courses such as math, English, and History and filling course requirements. The remaining two years are spent in areas of study more specific to the declared major. Because a bachelors degree program is more entailed than the two-year associate degree and covers many classes at a college level, the individual possessing a bachelors degree is more marketable in the workforce.

Some professions such as law and medicine, require specific undergraduate study that carries over into a graduate program. Earning a bachelors degree generally takes four years, but might take five depending on the specific area of study.

For adults already in the workforce, some companies offer tuition reimbursement for employees interested in advancing their career. Check with your employer if you are in this situation. Larger corporations may even offer classes through their company, but it generally takes longer than four years because they want the return of a long-term employee for their investment in your education. Your human resources department should have information about your company’s policies.

Always check with a potential school you are interested in to be sure they are an accredited college, offering an accredited program. This information can and should be verified by the proper state or federal agencies.

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