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An associates degree, computer or classroom based, is a two-year degree that can serve as a platform for obtaining a four-year degree or can serve as a professional development degree. Most universities offer associates degree computer classes as distance learning with the final degree earned in applied sciences.

An associates degree in applied sciences (AAS) can offer business professionals only a slight edge, but an edge nonetheless, over co-workers and applicants who have had no college training. Many adults in the workforce may choose to enter an associates degree computer based program to avoid interference with their current work schedule. In some cases, an associates degree computer based course can be completed in less than two years.

Even though an associates degree is minimal compared to other professional degrees, it is necessary to develop a personal plan before enrolling in a program. If you intend to use your associates degree as a platform for a four-year degree, you will need to determine which credits from the associates degree program can be transferred to a four-year program and in what areas study. You should also check with your employer about tuition reimbursement and whether a certain area of study might increase your chances for advancement within the company you work for.

Thoroughly investigate all programs that offer associates degree, computer based or not, before you enroll. Some community colleges will offer classroom-based courses that are less expensive and just as flexible as computer based. The method of course delivery, testing, and length of time for completion is just as important as scheduling. If you find a classroom-based program that interests you, see if your employer will let you adjust your work schedule to attend class. There are many options available to the adult who chooses to return to school for professional development – they just need to be discovered.

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