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Art Lesson Plans

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Finding art lesson plans can be a difficult job for any art teacher especially if teaching an art class that is mandatory for students. Often times in your art class you will find many students are on different levels artistically. When finding art lesson plans it is important that you keep the class on a level that can challenge students who have exceptional artistic abilities, while not embarrassing or putting too high of demands on students who might have a harder time with art.

With younger students it is often helpful to have art lesson plans that help them develop basic motor skills. Having children learn to color inside the lines on a picture, or requiring them to cut projects out with scissors can help with developing hand-eye coordination skills. Also giving simple directions with art projects that require them to differentiate between colors is helpful for reinforcing their knowledge of colors. Always make sure that your art lesson plans are not to demanding of younger children or it may result in frustration.

If you are dealing with older students it can often become even more challenging to come up with art lesson plans that fit the needs and abilities of all your students. Remember to emphasize that it is effort not necessarily talent that gets a good grade in your class. Allowing students to focus on artwork that they can express themselves in is important for teenagers. This is an age group where you probably do not want to hold in class competitions with artwork. Teenagers, especially those, who struggle in art class, may become withdrawn and even stop trying if they are forced to compete with classmates in an area they do not excel in. However, it is always a good idea to encourage your students to enter outside art competitions if it is something they enjoy.

No matter what the age group you are teaching, always be sure that in your art lesson plans you instill a love for art. While not every student may be artistically talented, they do not have to posses great talent to enjoy doing artwork, and to appreciate the value of art. A great place to look for art lesson plans is on the Internet. There are many sites that offer a large variety of lesson plans and art projects for you to choose from for your class. Busy art teachers should take advantage of the resources found on the Internet.

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