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SAT scores were once the main factor in ensuring students got into a certain school.  While these tests are still used today to help gauge students’ reading and mathematical skills, application essays seem to often pull much more weight when it comes to determining who will grace the halls of a certain university.  A college application is usually basic, but the application essays are what make each one unique and a potential match for any particular school.  As a student, you should know that application essays are really there for one reason: so the school can really get to know you without meeting you.  These essays are meant to delve into your heart and mind, and you should not be afraid to write them with fervor and passion, showing the school your real personality.  Of course, too much fluff can also turn admissions officers off, so be sure to try and maintain the delicate balance.

Application essays should show the school how much you look forward to contributing to their program, not just how much you can’t wait to reap the benefits.  Schools want students who will make a change or a difference in their overall spirit and contributions, not just someone who wants to take without giving.  Be sure to emphasize how you would be beneficial.  Be sure to write the essay clearly and concisely without too many jumbled words, or else you may cause confusion or even make the reader move on to the next person’s essay.  Remember that application essays come in piles and floods to schools all over the country, and the people reading them may have already read 100 that day before they get to yours.  Make sure it stands out so that it’s noticed and remembered, otherwise you might end up being left out in the cold. 

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