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Acting Classes

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Are you looking for a new hobby? Do you need some help in public speaking and getting over a tendency towards shyness? Acting classes aren’t only for people who are looking to one day make it big in Hollywood. Many people flock to acting classes to meet other people and have a momentary break from the stresses of reality. After all, there is nothing like learning how to act like a hopping bunny on stage to make a stressful day disappear.

When searching for acting classes it is important to separate the authentic acting coaches from the ones who are just out to take money from aspiring actors. An acting coach should have not only some acting credits to their name, but also some experience in teaching other actors. A person may be a wonderful actor, but that does not necessarily mean that they are capable of running acting classes effectively. A really great acting coach will teach acting fundamentals and also spend some time lecturing about show business and auditions. Beware if the acting coach pulls you aside after the first lesson and gushes about your natural talent and how they would like to personally represent you for a fee, of course. Also be wary of acting classes which require head shots from a specific photographer, as this likely means the coach is in cahoots with the photographer to send business their way.

Not all acting classes are forums for crooks, though, and many people find that acting classes have opened up new social outlets for them in addition to helping them build confidence. Acting classes can be found on college campuses, at local theaters, and through privately owned acting schools. Look towards acting classes as more of a place to have fun and meet people and less of a place to et discovered as the newest Hollywood star, and you’re likely to have a blast.

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