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Accredited Home Schools

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Home schooling is fast gaining popularity all over the country. Advocates of home schools see it as the ideal solution to keeping children away from anti-social elements, drugs, sex and gang violence. More than a million school-age children are being taught at home these days and the figure just keeps rising each year. If you are a parent who has difficulty staying at home and teaching your child but still do not wish to send them to a regular school, accredited home schools may be your solution.

There are a variety of accreditations provided to home schools and a list can be obtained from a local or federal educational office. Accredited home schools have educational curriculum outlined in much the same manner as a regular school and have an instructional method of self-study. Also, with accredited home schools you can be sure that your child is getting an education similar to that in a regular school.

Many of the accredited home schools offer teachers standing by to assist the student on a one-on-one basis. A phone call can put the child in touch with the instructor and this way he or she can clear up all doubts encountered. Some accredited home schools provide video lessons which would simulate a real classroom. Many accredited home schools also keep records of students and this can be helpful when the individual seeks admission to a regular university or college.

Accredited home schools cater to students of all ages. They even have programs suited for pre-schoolers. Accredited home schools provide services in exceptional cases—for instance, if the student has to stay at home in the middle of the school year owing to injury or ill-health and so on. Gifted students or those with learning disabilities can also benefit from programs offered by the various accredited home schools in the country.

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