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Who was to blame for the start of the Cold War?

The beginnings of the Cold War are rooted in deep set ideological differences as well as a series of misunderstandings or actions taken (or not taken) during WWII.

Cold War - Diplomatic tension between nations with no actual combat. Usually refers to the state of tension between the US and Soviet Union from the late 1940's to late 1980's.

I. The Start of the Cold War

A. What ideological differences led to the cold war?

1. Communism versus Capitalism

2. Dictatorship versus Democracy

2. Each economic system calls for the destruction of the other.

3. Old Russian and Soviet paranoia about being attacked.

B. What actions did the US take that led to start of the Cold War?

1. Failure to open up a second front.

2. US ending of lend lease.

3. Dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Japan.

C. What did the Soviet Union do to start to Cold War?

1. Stalin's refusal to allow free elections in Eastern Europe.

2. Violation in Potsdam of his agreement made in Yalta.

3. Stalin was a cruel and tyrannical dictator who was no better than Hitler.

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