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How did the transportation revolution change life in America?

America was clearly a nation in transition at the turn of the century. The progressive movement demanded change in the way business lived our lives but business also demand similar change through the invention of new technology.

I. The Transportation Revolution

A. The Automobile

1. Henry Ford

a) Invented Car called the Model T - Ford. The key was the internal combustion engine.

b) affordable and durable

c) developed assembly line which increased productivity.

2. Effects

a) Urban Sprawl - The development of suburbs as a result of the automobile was very important. Suburbs led to the growth of cities into what was a called a "metropolis." Today we actually have seen cities spread out over enormous distances. The whole east and west coast are connected. The connection of several metropolis' is known as a "megalopolis."

b) Five Dollar Day - High pay to counteract high employee turnover. This forced other businesses to raise wages. A new, larger middle class was created.

B. Airplane (Dec. 17 1903)

1. First flown in the United States by Orville and Wilbur Wright in Kitty Hawk NC. The key to the success of the airplane was the development of wings that would create lift when enough speed was generated.

2. At first little interest, in WWI it was widely used for combat.

3. After the war it was used for mail. By WWII the airplane was a very important mode of transportation.

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