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AP Government and Politics

Students taking Advanced Placement Government and Politics should check here for assignments, readings, helpful links and other information that will assist them in their studies.

What is Political Science?

Politics has been defined in terms of governance, power, and as the authoritative allocation of values, and, even who gets what, when, and how. But no simple definition can capture the broad range of subject matter that is included in political science. You can get some idea of the scope of the discipline from the four main subfields that make up the undergraduate curriculum: Political Theory, Comparative Government International Relations, and American Government.

Political scientists study topics such as the exercise of power and influence; sources and resolution of conflicts; the relationship of politics to the economy, culture, and other aspects of society; the adoption and implementation of public policies; and the development of political systems. These topics are studied at all levels, from local communities to the global community.

However politics is defined, it is clear that actions in the political arena have vital effects on our lives, liberties, and well-being. From this standpoint, political science deals with how we reach the collective decisions that shape our common fate.

Curriculum and Syllabi

Course Requirements - includes paper and project assignments. - - from the Spring 2000 course at NHP Memorial - I have left this online as a guide to other educators.

Course of Study and Reading Assignments - from the Spring 2000 course at NHP Memorial - I have left this online as a guide to other educators.

Required and Supplementary Readings



The Power Elite
Political Culture
Political Participation
Interest Groups
Political Parties
Campaigns and Elections
The Media
The Presidency
The Bureaucracy
The Judiciary
Lecture Notes
The American Political System
The Constitution
Economic Policy
Political Culture
Public Opinion and Political Ideology
Political Particpation
Interest Groups
Political Parties
Elections and Campaigns
The Media
The Presidency
The Bureaucracy
The Judiciary

Web Sites of Interest

News Organizations and Publications

Government Sites

CNN - Cable New Network - "All New All The Time!"

C- Span - Public Affairs Coverage - "All Congress, All the Time!" .. a.p. pun!

USA Today - National News, often has great charts and graphs... dubious writing.

Roll Call - Plug into Congress Online! What the insiders read.

The Hill - More Washington reporting

The New York Times - Need I say more?? "All the news that's fit to print."

The Washington Post - The second best paper in America, though I'm sure some would argue. Hey, what can I say, I'm a New Yorker!

Newsweek - Terrific national news magazine. Political focus.

Congressional Quarterly - Guess what its about yet??


THOMAS - The official website of the Congress of the United States. A massive site with information galore and tons of links to other government sites.

Library of Congress Home Page

Fed World - A world of information and links about the Federal Government. Key word searchable.

The White House - Bill and Hillary are bored, drop them an e-mail!!

Political Science Sites

Other Sites of Interest

Political Source Net. Political Source Net is a resource to support all Houghton Mifflin Political Science textbooks. Each unit contains a document archive, several Internet activities, and a list of links for further exploration.

Project Vote Smart - Much info on government!

Teach Politics - Images of Political History

American Political System - Posc 105 - Dr. H.T. Reynolds, Professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations, University of Delaware

Political Philosophy Home Page - Marx, Hegel, Machiavelli, Rousseau, Kant, Locke.. they may be dead but their ideas live on... here!

The Political Graveyard - - Perhaps this will pique your rather morbid curiosity.

The College Board Online. Sample questions and essay grading suggestions. The online store is also a good source for review materials.

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